Feeling Awesome

nacGreetings, Nonathletes!

I just wanted to check in despite the madness that is my life to report that I have gone two weeks without having a drink and one week without any excess sugar. I know my last post made it sound like I was in a pretty bad place, and I was, don’t get me wrong. But as I’m typing this, it’s 7 AM and I just made a bowl of oatmeal (oats, cinnamon, and a banana) and a cup of lemon jasmine green tea, watching the sunrise from my apartment window. The worst of the sugar cravings have subsided (though last night I did nosh a bit on some sweet potato chips and dark chocolate almonds), and I don’t even want to drink.

I just feel so…energized. I’m a different person when I’m not sedentary, when I’m not drinking or eating badly. I feel happy to be alive, and lucky to be able to celebrate the wonders of the human body through exercise. I feel lucky to have proper dietary tools at my disposal. And the best part? I’m lucky to have a platform to help share my thoughts, ideas, and health+fitness knowledge (limited as it may be) with all of you.

In addition to my dietary cleanup, what’s been keeping me energized lately is that I have been super consistent with my workouts! I’ve only missed one in the past two weeks, and that was due to some pretty bad exhaustion and being unable to do it as soon as I got home from work. I’ve been doing Month 2 of Shaun T’s Hip-Hop Abs, which was the first Beachbody home workout I ever attempted (in 2007). I only had the month one DVD at the time, and thanks to BOD, I can now stream the month two workouts and the bonus workouts as well (yesterday’s “Last Minute Buns” really came in handy as I was rushing to prepare for work).

And yesterday, I finally tried a Cize workout (“Crazy 8s”). Cize is like Hip-Hop Abs, except instead of it being just an aerobics routine set to hip-hop beats, it’s an applied dance aerobics workout. And unlike Hip-Hop Abs and other Beachbody workouts, Cize isn’t just a weight loss routine (though the calorie burn I experienced was off the chain): It’s also a dance tutorial. You learn actual moves, actual choreography, and you repeat those moves and piece them all together at the end set to (a cover of) a top 40 song. I love that. It’s teaching me an applied, disciplined skill in addition to getting a kickass workout.

Thanks for reading, and whatever journey you’re on, remember this: you’re not facing it alone.

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