TurboFire Initial Impression


This week, I decided to finally test out Chalene Johnson’s cardio conditioning program TurboFire through Beachbody On Demand (BOD).


And after trying the intro workout Fire Starter and the faster-tempo Fire 45 EZ, I have to say that this it’s proving to be a challenge. Not only is this a nonstop cardio assault along the lines of LES MILLS COMBAT (R.I.P.), but the choreography is also much more complex. It takes numerous tries to perfect the jab/cross/kick/etc. combos Chalene throws at me, and even once I did the moves in the right order, I did them so many times that my form began to fail. I couldn’t even finish Fire 45 EZ (which I blame on not enough breakfast), but I did enough to get a solid sweat and I made up for it with a 3-mile walk during my lunch break.

I also really like Chalene’s energy and enthusiasm. I can tell why Beachbody has produced so many workouts with her – she’s inspirational without being overly peppy, she’s motivating without being a drill sergeant, and she knows how to make my uncoordinated ass feel normal as I dance and kick like I’m off my meds. Seriously, those speedbag hip-gyrating moves and those impromptu borderline-twerk sessions are a bit awkward for a 26 year-old man to be doing in his apartment gym, but life’s too short for a sense of shame.

I’m really looking forward to sampling the other workouts and combining them with some of the others on BOD (and Les Mills OnDemand), maybe throwing in some weightlifting again. We’ll see!

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